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"Thank you for saving our septic system. You diagnosed the problem correctly and repaired it without cutting any corners (like other contractors in the business). " Donald Day of Topanga

Septic System Installation in Topanga, CA

Septic Systems & Installation Topanga, CAMaurice Bourget of Bourget Construction started Bourget Septic–now Topanga Soils & Septic–over five years ago as his longtime clients were soliciting his consultation expertise more and more. After determining that the communities in the Santa Monica Mountains area was underserved by qualified septic inspectors, consultants and installers he obtained all of the necessary certifications and proceeded to have his staff trained and certified as well. Today, Topanga Soils and Septic is one of the most trusted experts in this area and handles conditions and issues of all complexity for his clients.

Of particular interest to homeowners in Topanga Canyon and Malibu, is the recent requirement for all new homes to install certified septic systems and provide for periodic inspections of new systems.

As experts in all aspects of septic systems Topanga Soils and Septic services, maintains and upgrades existing systems as well.

We are trained and certified in Septic System servicing and are qualified installers of the LA County certified systems made by Jet Wastewater Solutions, Advantex and MicroSepTec. We also provide installation and monitoring of SludgeHammer a microbe-generation device that makes your entire system self-cleaning.

As licensed, certified installers, we are ready to answer all of your questions about installing, maintaining or upgrading your septic system. You will find more detailed information on our sister website, Topanga Soils and Septic. Please fill out our contact form if you want specific information or would like to have us bid a job. As always, we provide you with free detailed estimates before commencing work.

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